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The Album release has begun!

2010-05-07 19:17:41 by Tx-Maniac-xT

Ok! Here's the list of songs on my album. The album is called 'Leathal'. There's already a bonus album that will continue after I release all of the 'Leathal' songs. So here's the list.


The Search for Vengance
The Lion and the Dove
Hail Fire
Bats of the Hollow
Stressful Departure
Neon Oasis
Think Tank
Leathal (Part 1)
Leahtal (Part 2)

Now the bonus album is just songs that I spit out in between the making of my main songs and most of them are rock.

(Bonus Album) The Seventh Day-

A Hero to Fear
Caged Insanity
Wicked Vision
Never Forgotten
Blood Lust
War of the Arc Angel
The Awaiting Fate
9 Days Deep

So, I will release 2 a day some days may be skipped. Now here's the first 2 songs: 'The Search for Vengance' and my classical 'The Lion and the Dove'.


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