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In the works...

2009-08-25 01:04:50 by Tx-Maniac-xT

EDIT: Threw out an old song since im in the process of making an artificial album. It's called Camaro Z28. So that might appeas you all since this is gunna take forever. Thanks and a bitchin' day.

Well, just a little update here. I'll be working on some songs for a while so hold tight, I'll be experimenting with new sounds, trying harder to perfect my music, and just all around working harder at what I do here on NG. There'll b a couple new 'Neon' songs in the works and a mega mix. So when I'm done, I'll release 2 songs a day since that's the limit on releasing submissions. Basicaly I'm kinda making an album only the songs are free to download and use in flash submissions here on NG. If you plan on using any of my songs outside of NG let me know ahead of time. And if you haven't played Toss the Turtle...go play it. It's like Kitten Cannon only ten times better. Thank you all and have a terrible day...jk. Have a GREAT day!


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2009-08-28 19:50:22

i dont think my days can get mutch more... how do do i say it... "fucking god damn sucky?"... (lol, at first i was joking, but now that i looked at it, i realised that its true!) oh and btw, i didnt notice that you lived in mr. T town. thats odd.

oh and, i dont know, but i think i know a few of the people who are down-voting your music, i will have to see.

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Lol, Mr. T-town. Nice. I seriously was laughing way to loud. And thanks, if u find them tell me.


2009-08-29 15:11:08

oh and, i know a song you might like. its a very buitiful song. just be careful when you listen to it though. make sure you arent feeling to sad about anything...
it almost made me just want to stay in my room and die.

and play the game it was used in. makes it more powerful. n/244642

like i said, be careful with it.

(well, maybe not that careful.. its not really THAT sad... but still, sad. i was just feeling pretty damn depressed when i heard it.)


2009-09-26 15:52:55

argh.. fuck! it turns out, the people i thought that were downvoting and zero bombing your stuff? yeah, well, they arent the people.... but it turns out that one of my friends know how to make macro's to automaticly do things on the enternet.
i think word got out on how to, and the gay turds that hate good music got aholt of the software and stuff... so even if i do find out who is downvoting your stuff, it wont really work much. but it might not be macro's! it might be a comitty of gay turd fucks that vote zero on every thing amazing in the world.


2009-10-20 23:41:48

definatley not a macro, i did some research, (took REALLY long) and got nothing. but then i passed by my friend and asked him, "would a macro be able t-" then he stopped me short saying, "what kind of thing, autto chatting? voti-" and i stopped him short saying "voting." he replyed "what website?" he asked me. in return i said "newgrou-" he stopped me short again. and said, "nope."

so, in other words, you have the asshole comitty at your service.
and their motto is, "A to the S to another, to hole, we are on an ass hole roll!"

(sorry for all the quoting)

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Haha. Indeed. Thanks for all the work tryin' to find em! There's allways jackasses in this world so the best we can do is ignore them. Even tho I would like know who they are but there's not much i could do if I did find them except cuss at them through the computer, lol. And btw, you are the best fan anyone could ask for but ima kick it up a notch and make you my audio consultant, or marketing rep, or...whatever you wanna b called, lol! Thanks DC. You ARE a badass!