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And again...two more songs.

2009-07-30 09:39:22 by Tx-Maniac-xT

So you may have already noticed the two new songs up, but if not, go check 'em out. My first industrial song since...a long time called Witness the Rage. Now I predicted it to get trashed like all of my(and many other ppls) industrial songs. BUT!!! It's actually fairly successful to my suprise(knock on wood). So, lets keep that going. : ) My other song, Midnight Fire, is an awesome regular techno song. Unlike most of my regular techno songs I actualy put ALOT of effort into it. Of course in my book it's not's Fuse...Def. Fuse - a genre including that of various drum beats from other genres (mainly including hip-hop or rock), at least one guitar from the rock genre, multiple synths of the techno genre, and sometimes industrial hard synths from the industrial genre. Anywho, Midnight Fire was the one I expected to do good and It's not doin' so great right now. So, i'm experiencing alot of irony right now, but I like that way. So I'd like to give thanks to Deathcross who has givin' me an unimaginable amount of support of which I greatly appriciate with the highest regards, all my other loyal fans, Avenged Sevenfold for alot of crazy ideas that inspired me, my brother who criticizes my music all the time, and anyone fan or not who voted 5! Thank you all for your support.

And again...two more songs.


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2009-07-30 11:19:16

woah awsome, i was mentioned for the first time in a post, and it was by an awsome music maker! and it was a thanks! awsome, thanks!
btw, i didnt know you had a bro? i have a bro too... hes a nutjob though.
all he does is stay up all night on the comp and blame it on his miled
insomnia, he doest have it that bad. he just wants to stay on the comp and look at hentai. ... lol maybe i do too...

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Yeah, I have insomnia too, lol. But after figuring out I couldn't sleep I got a job that made me work graveyard shift so it all works out. And np on the thanks. There were times when I jus didn't want to make music anymore, but evertime you chimed in... low and behold my inspiration came back and that was the times I made my best songs. So a serious thanks was owed to you because without you there probly wouldn't be near as many songs from me on here. So thanks again...and again.