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Entry #30

I'm Back

1/13/13 by Tx-Maniac-xT
Updated 3/24/13

Yup, a long vacation did me good except I kinda lost of those mad skillz on the sound board. Time to get back in the game and get you guys some music. I'm gonna be releasing a few here and there and to be honest...they probably won't be that great until I get warmed back up. And also upon my return I noticed I left out a few songs I promised. They will be uploaded shortly along with any other songs I haven't put up here. Great to be back! Looking forward to what 2013 can bring. See you guys around!

Edit!: Got a few songs in the works...well, one of them is finished due to the fact that my computer randomly said "whatever, I'm out." and didn't get to finish it. I do, however, have two more songs in the writing process. One dubstep, and the other dance/trance. I'm excited to see how they turn out because I plan on doing an over-haul on my dubstep to better match my previous work. It's like old me, but with a wicked, bad-a twist. And of course I'm no stranger to the dance scene, but I gotta put a little more effort into making it more...idk, better than anyone elses, lol. I'm no competitor, but do know I need to step up my game and I have a feeling I've done just that. Time to record! See you soon, Maniac

Edit: Meteor Shower out now! Go check it out. And vote 5...It's that good...seriously, Thanks!

I'm Back


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Hell yea bro! Cant wait to see what kind of shit you bring out to put the audio portal in awe! Lol